Saturday, May 7, 2011

Full cup

"I believe in a life of celebration-the world we wake up to everyday is filled to the brim with deep, aching love"

I have been happily off school this week...and enjoying doing absolutely nothing some days and getting so very much done the next. It's just been up to me and I love it! That being said, I'm not so much looking forward to starting back in the coming weeks but that is another post for another day. This post is about my cup being FULL!

I looked at my calendar a few weeks ago and the thought of all the things on there kinda made me sick. I do not enjoy being as busy as I have been these past few months. Some people love a budding social calendar but I am not one of them. Don't get me wrong, I love being with friends and doing things but I also LOVE to just relax and not have plans and just be. So that being said, I noticed that I did not have a free weekend until the middle of June. Yikes! But I have begun to have a better attitude about those things (mostly because they are super fun things in the midst of school/work/internship).... and the things I have been doing have been filling me up to the nth degree and I couldn't be more happy or appreciative for doing things that make me smile and not strictly doing school work! I use the full cup analogy for a few reasons. It is analogous to Jesus and our relationship with him and on that same note, I always have a base 'full cup' with JC and anything on top of that is just golden.

Last weekend for instance, I had an end of the school year partay with some wonderful friends who (while I have known them for less than a year) have become some of my very besties! Call it counseling school or what have you but its like a preset group of friends that you get along with everyone because you are all interested in the same stuff. Crazy! This night was followed by Saturday in which I got to hang with my step brother and his wife (who I adore!) then nighttime hanging with another great friend at her engagement party. This night was followed by the last night of my 8th graders this year in a great party...then followed by a night full of great conversation at another friends house. Are you catching my full cup drift yet here??

Insert a week of lounging, reading, working, playing, laying out....and here we are at another weekend!

Last night was another of these nights. My mom came, along with both my brothers, as well as Daryn and her mother (who none of us had ever met) and we had "family dinner" at our house. You want to know what made me happier than anything else the entire night? Daryn's mom commenting on how much the 4 of us look alike and how much I look like my mom. I was sitting next to Andrew and she was like "oh you guys look just alike" and then 10 minutes later I was sitting next to Chris and she said the exact same thing. Then we had this picture from when my mom was in her 20s and Chris is convinced that I superimposed my face on the pic because we look so much alike. Obviously that's not the case but it just seriously made me so happy to be with my very favorite people and the fact that they are family and we look alike makes it all the better!!

Happy high for sure!

I'm reading this book called "Good news about injustice" and it is written by the President and CEO of IJM. An organization obviously near and dear to my heart. I loved this quote from what I read today. "They (friends) knew that they could never understand the deepest part of me if they didn't have some understanding of the hard things I had seen." I like it for 2 reasons. 1. I feel the same way when coming back from life-changing things or even in life's ordinary things that if the people around you aren't the least bit interested in, then they probably aren't "good friends". 2. It goes to show that is the same for God. If we don't show an interest in the things that he is interested in, then we wont' ever be able to truly know him. While there is no way that I could handle or fathom all that God is, I know that he can enable me and protect me in the knowledge that he gives and I want that. I want deep, aching love, in more ways than one. I want God's love, and friends' love, and not in shallow ways. There is no point otherwise...I see it as a waste of time. Don't get me wrong, it doesn't have to be deep all the time, but the capacity for it should be there.

Here's to another night of full cup/happy high/deep, aching love sorta time!! And I would want it no other way!!

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  1. ::sigh:: ...and my cup over floweth. I love that Jesus has filled your (and my) cup to the brim and over flows it every single day! Happy face for a breath-takingly sweet week! xxxoo