Friday, April 29, 2011


5 days...5 exams. A week of craziness for sure. I was pretty much a hermit with the exception that I go to school with some of my best friends so I got to see A LOT of them this week...AND...I had an extremely good HAPPY HIGH yesterday afternoon after my hardest (read poorly made) finals.

ELW and I went to lunch...and not just any lunch...the best lunch (perfect weather, food, convos). We went to highland bakery and she brought her camera and was snapping pics outside and I felt like I was having lunch with a cool photographer...ha. Then we went so she could get a tat...and in about the most roundabout way possible, it did finally happen. It was really just lovely.

So here comes 2 weeks offff...and what do I plan to do??
1. sleep
2. lay out
3. read
4. go to appt's
5. clean (room, bookshelf, bathroom, head, life)
6. see my friendsss

Those things sound lovely! Oh yes, I will still be working but I don't like to include that part.

I am so excited to start my break off right with not 1 but 3 great things planned for this weekend!!
1. Party with school friends tonight (think end of the year party in elementary school with the addition of adult beverages)
2. Hanging with my step brother and his wifey (adore)
3. Engagement party for Liz and John with my lovely date Keelin (girl)
4. The obvi of church on Sunday and the last outlet of the year with my 8th graders!

Bring on the fun...and to finish off this greatness, I took some pics on my walk this morning because it was beautiful outside!

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  1. 1. You WERE with a cool photographer.
    2. I am so proud of you for making it through the semester with such...poise. :) You are a shining star.
    3. You+Me+Highland Bakery+LOTS=Happy week?
    4. Yes, I did just ask you on a date on your blog comments.
    5. Hope your Saturday is delightful!