Tuesday, March 12, 2013

I'm still alive over here!

I don’t know why I do this to myself.  I have a lot of great intentions about writing, and I do actually really love it and being able to express what I have been doing/going through in this crazy Indian life I lead.  One major roadblock to my blogging is just the sheer number of things that happen on any given day and the feeling of being overwhelmed in writing them all or conveying all that I want people at home to know and understand.

This here is my attempt at catching up.  I cannot possibly write everything that has happened but I will surely try to get a sense of it out there.

I officially have been residing here for 7 weeks and 2 days.  There was a brief 7 day stint at home in Atlanta for my grandmothers funeral but I don’t consider that time as time home.  I was still somewhere else in my mind, and tried to make the trip solely about grieving and spending time with my family.  I honestly didn’t really want to see friends.  Only because I had already said goodbye to everyone and I didn’t want to have any part of me that was going back to like I was still living there.  It was hard enough to be home and see my family and then say goodbye again.  Moral of the story is that I am really glad that I was able to come home and be with my family during that time, and I have no regrets about that decision.  My relationship with my family is the most important earthly relationship I have.

Moving on past that.  I had been in the country for 3 weeks when I left and I have now been in the country for 3 weeks again so I feel like I am finally getting settled into things here. 

We have had a trip heavy time since I arrived here.  There have been 6 trips total and 4 of them have been aftercare specific.  Since people like to come when it is not as hot, all the trips tend to be around the same time.  As of this week though, there are no more trips planned that I am aware of.  So from now until when I leave there will likely not be any more trips.  As of now I don’t mind that because the last 3 weeks have been 3 trips back to back.  One of those trips I was the leader and coordinator for the entire thing.  It was a group from Peachtree back in the states and I really wanted to be in charge of doing the trip.  I am definitely glad that I was able to do that, but at the same time I am still recovering from just the nonstop ‘hosting’ that I did for the trip.  In addition, I am a total introvert so being around people all the time is really draining for me.  The Lord was really gracious though and totally sustained me throughout my time with them.  I believe He gave me the words to speak, the patience for dealing with logistics in India, and the strength to be in charge of a group of 10 people for 7 days.

I have been able to get some work done for my job, and that is nice to have a sense of accomplishment.  I had been working on a case spreadsheet that is a compilation of all our clients in one place with what has been done for them in regards to resources by IJM and aftercare, as well as their respective homes.   Before this was done, there was no single place for how all of our clients were doing.  It was all kept separate by each caseworker.  The hope of doing this is to get a better understanding of all our clients and what we have already completed/and what we still need to do for each girl.

This week is already in full swing.  On Monday I had a half day, so in the afternoon I went to the consulate and sat by the pool and read for about 2 hours.  I then took a shower there for some great water pressure.  After that I went to Yoforia and had dinner before coming home.  It was a lovely afternoon off!  Today I worked from home because we are having some leaky pipes fixed in our bathroom and someone has to be here at all times to monitor the workers.  There is a sort of brief update of life here. 

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