Saturday, March 26, 2011

as i lie in the sound

I need to blog...this is true.

You know what else is true? I have a lot going on. That could be true just in the school sense, but it's also true in the work, friendship/social sense. I have 2 best friends getting married this summer and am a part of both weddings. I have 2 other best friends who are pregnant and due early fall. I am starting an internship that I have wanted since I started this school in May. The next month is probably going to suck and be extremely fun at the same time. I also have only thought about my India trip in small chunks that I can handle at the time being. All that being said, I'm continuing with my self care even when I don't want to because, well, it's necessary lol. But instead of a long drawn out (what I might deem boring right now) post about my feelings, I am instead going to post lots of pictures in honor of one ELW . These things make me happy, so as I sit in San Fran on a dreary day "doing school work" I will think of these things :)

*a lil shout out thank you to my dear TB for providing constant entertainment whilst I study.

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