Thursday, March 31, 2011


So there are some things that just make you stop and remember a past time. Often it can be sights, smells, or sounds. Well one sound I heard tonight totally took me back (like I'm so old). Removing all cheese from anyone else's interpretation of said sound...because its irrelevant to me. So back to the thing I heard of the very best things ever, only made better when it's 500 meters in front of your face.

So now that it's out of the way...I can go on to why it's awesome and just the best thing ever...I'll begin with a short list of the places and people that made it so freakin great!

*Road tripping it to Nashville with the best to see said band sing said song live outside...and then road tripping it back the same night.

*Having a devastating event happen, in which the best comes over and we cry and listen to said song.

*Football season (UGA), fall, windows down, blasting song

*seeing said band on a rainy outdoor atlanta night with the best

*again seeing said band with floor seats in atlanta with the best

Are we seeing a pattern here? I think so. I mean it does have to do with the greatness of the song obviously, but it clearly has a TON to do with the people, places, and events that remind me of the song. Moving on though to the even better part...I just love when I can relate songs to Jesus...gosh, just so good!! So in the spirit of using lyrics...ill just share my fav part!

Lights will guide you home
And ignite your bones
And I will try to fix you

I think it's clear why I chose that part but just in case it's is a visual representation (pic I took while in Nazareth)

Ahh, Jesus. The greatest light of the world. Who is so good, all the time, I could go on and on. We spent some time together tonight and it was wonderful. I will stop there.


  1. The light of Jesus...and the warmth of His touch...does not disappoint.

    "The tears come streaming down your face..."

    ...and He's still there.


    Thanks for sharing your sweet heart.

  2. Friend! I LOVE this post for so many reasons! I am so happy to have so many memories with you! Just a few things to say...
    1)weekend road trip here we come...its been too long
    2)love when songs, smells, pics, places, feelings can instantly take you back to those moments in life!
    3)love that Jesus is the basis of our friendship and that we have Him to guide us home!