Wednesday, June 1, 2011


so yes I have been missing for a few weeks and while I do feel badly about that in some ways...I mostly don't. There are 3 reasons and I will give them to you:

1. I started internship, hope, and school

2. I have so much in my head and none of it do I want to put on the internet ( I'm choosing to share with close friendsies)

3. I've been out living life-by that I mean I have not only been busy with school and such associated things, but I have been friend hanging like no one's business and it's been GREAT! The reason I'm be in relationship with people.

So all that being said...I will post soon, or not but don't worry I'm not going anywhere for long.


  1. Ah... ::insert big sigh of relief::

    Keep walking out that self-care, KJM.


  2. I'm liking this new look! Miss rock!