Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Check yes or no?

Day O' Love Uno:

So here is my thought...I am not a vday fan, never have been. Single, coupled, young, younger...just never got it. Don't get me wrong, I am extremely sentimental and full of love, and I think that is what I find least appealing about this day, the lack of sentiment. Bring it out in the mundane, not when places charge more for a set menu, chocolate, and roses. However, in my ever growing love of life I knew I would be just as loving on said love day. I preemptively struck with an early valentine of my precious ELW, as well as my first love G (going on 11 years together). HA.

Ok....moving on. Being that I am so overwhelmingly filled with love for others, as well as receiving love from others, I should be all about love day. So this year I was. I received a hand made card from my valentine, as well as just general good fellowship with my lovely school mates. Since this would be the time to do it, I can be mushy and just say that I feel as if I am just wrapped up in love. Not as in consumed by it, but as in an image of being in a cozy fleece blanket or snuggie if you will. And, the right kind of love at that. The kind that looks internally, and cares about what is really going on, and can speak the truth with love. And to go even further on that note...the whole premise of love was set in stone by none other than JC. That's what I call LOVE! Dying for someone who didn't earn it, doesn't deserve it...all in the name of LOVE! I'm not sold on a day of love, I'm sold on a life of it, and nothing less.

Ok...phew. Got that out

Here's to my life of love :)

(i stole the picture from here )


  1. Dear Valentine- A life of love is the absolute best goal. And although the official Vday celebration is quite silly and ridiculously obnoxious...I am so glad you celebrated with me.

    May your cup over floweth. :D

  2. I am quite glad to hear that you feel blanketed in love : ) Best feeling ever? I submit so. And I couldn't agree more (although I too am tryin not to be a hater) about living a LIFE of love and bringing out love in the mundane. There is something that speaks far louder in that than just a date on the calendar. But a day on the calendar is better than no day at all I suppose...

    Also, nice pic choice. Hope you continue to receive and pour out in love as we are created and called to do. : )