Thursday, February 16, 2012


So it's not yet been a week and I decided that I wanted to write a post about being thankful for Georgia and her life and time with me and my family.  While I have been a lot better this week, it's still really weird that she isn't here anymore.  I am thankful that I don't live with my sister because every time I have been over at her house I get really sad about Georgia not being outside in the back yard, and I expect to see her out on the deck.  It's just really hard to go from seeing something every day and then just never again.  I understand that is how death works but it still just really sucks.  I miss the way she would go get her bowl and bring it up to me or just carry it around at all times like a security blanket.

I remember the day we got her and I was holding this sweet little puppy that was sleeping in my arms and I wanted that puppy.  My mom was holding another puppy who could not stay still and was super rambunctious.  Mom told me that we didn't want a puppy who didn't do anything (i.e. the puppy in my arms) so we got the one she was "holding" and I'm so glad we did.  That out of control puppy became Georgia and at 13 weeks she became my first dog.  We had always had dogs but never one that was 'mine', and I was finally getting my own dog at 15.  In all honesty, we called her devil dog for quite some time because she was SO bad!  She would get into EVERYTHING!  Blankets, pens, water bottles, name it and she probably tried to chew it or run around with it.  It's really funny now but it wasn't so much then.  I remember she would stay inside when it was cold out and she would sleep in my room and when she was ready to get up in the morning she would sigh really loud and sit at my door until I got up to take her outside.

Being the crazy puppy she was, she ran away when she was 2 and was gone for over a month.  We didn't think she was ever coming back but then someone in our neighborhood found her and she came back pregnant (prodigal son anyone?)  Unfortunately we had no idea what dog had gotten her pregnant so we didn't keep the babies.  Also, in that crazy year, she would get out of the house a lot and chase cars (terrible) and she got hit by a car and left on the road.  Thankfully, one of my brothers friends found her and took her to the vet, who said that she would never walk again normally.  She pretty much showed them and due to swim therapy (in our backyard pool that she swam in everyday-my mom and I called it "therapy") she was walking and running around within 6 months.  She loved to swim...she would get on the diving board and jump off and get out at the ladder like a person, it was seriously great!  She would also "dive" for things too and swim down to retrieve things.  Quite the little fish she was.

When I was home my first summer after college and my mom sold the house we had had since I was born, Georgia and I sat on the front porch and I cried about moving and about how she wasn't going to have a pool to swim in anymore.  It wasn't long after that that Georgia came to live with me in Atlanta with Jeanette and her 2 puppies.  Georgia was the best of them clearly and but she tolerated their bad behavior.  I tried to let her sleep on my bed once or twice but she was completely sprawled out and I got no sleep.  Those were some good times.

When I moved out of my apartment and in with my sister and brother in law, Georgia became the family dog of the household.  We went on runs, went to the park, the river, the lake (anywhere with water essentially).  We had such a good 4 years there, and Ash and Chris learned to love her just as much (almost) as I did.  It was such a sweet time, both the living there and especially with Georgia.

So that was a really long story...but essentially I am just so thankful that I had 11 years with my sweet girl and she was always there for me to rub her ears, lay with, talk to and she loved her little life more than anything (well she loved her bowl and food more than anything but that's neither here nor there).  I'm still sad but I am very joyful and happy at the same time for being able to relish the good times that I had with her and thankful that she wasn't in pain for a long time.

Additionally, I got the sweetest present from Elizabeth and Keelin and a thoughtful note that I'll post here.

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