Monday, February 13, 2012


So I had/have what I want to write about being thankful about but I can't seem to write it yet so I will just wait on that topic.  I was late with this for a few reasons (because I couldn't write it yet) and because I had, in all honesty, quite a bad weekend.  However, with all of that being said...I'm thankful for the coming together of my fam, how well they know me, and how alike we all are.  To be able to sit around this weekend and cry together about the passing of our sweet pup, and for every other member who wasn't there that called and just knew how devastating it was, I'm thankful.  My family is seriously the best...with all the crazy comes just total love and I wouldn't be me without all of that.  Specifically my siblings and mom who are just my favs.  Totally cheesy but I'm just super blessed and I know it.

In addition, my friends were a close second to the awesomeness.  It's really humbling to be loved for and cared for by people who choose to love and care for you.  It's really too much sometimes (in a good way) to be surrounded by that.  It creates quite a standard of care and ignites a passion to strive to be better in all areas.  So for them I am thankful as well.  And just cause I wanted to post a pic of my sweet girl and I.

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