Thursday, February 2, 2012

here comes the sun

So...I know there are those out there that are complaining about the weather being way too warm and all that other nonsense but I will not be one of them.  Don't get me wrong, I love me some cold weather.  Snow, boots, hats, scarves, seeing your name it, I like it.  That being said...I just like the weather.  I mean that in general.  Call me crazy, but I am just content.  Freezing in February, bring it on.  65 in February, I'm good with that too.  Whatever.  The only time I can really say I am just over the weather is those excruciating days in the middle of summer that are immediately sweating when you walk out the door.  I DO NOT like that!  Anyway...I digress.  Today was a beautiful day.  Because of said beautifulness I led groups outside at Wellspring so I got to sit outside with the girls for 2 hours and it was just perfection.  Also, I didn't have clients tonight at our Hope Center so I got to come home from work and actually go for an hour walk.  It was just squeal worthy honestly.  Those 3 hours of time outside today really just gave me such a happy high for reals!  I love the sun. The end.

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