Wednesday, April 11, 2012

that's where I belong...

Today was one of those days that was just great.  So much happened and there would just be so much to say but I want to focus it somewhat.  I will say that I seriously had the best time with my co-workers at Wellspring today and think they are some of the most fun people.

The point of this post, however, is about a graduation.  More like a double graduation actually.  I mean that we had a girl graduate not only the Victory program, but also she received her high school diploma!  Yes, not her GED, but her high school diploma!  What a freakin accomplishment (and in her own words she is the first person in her mothers family to get a high school education)!!  I truly love all the girls but it makes it all the more special when it's one of my girls graduating.  I have had 3 girls graduate the program and it really never gets old, they are just as special each time.  The day started out with her high school graduation in the chapel where she received her diploma, and that was followed by lunch and her graduation from the program.

If I had to choose a "best part" of the whole day, it would definitely be her speech.  She was not wordy but to the point, but also very open about her gratitude for absolutely everything and everyone who got her to where she is today.  This girl is 18 with her whole life in front of her and more 'stuff' in her past than so many people I know and to see how far she has come in the last 7 months just blows me away.  Blows me away I tell you!  Let's just say she was not filled with gratitude months ago.  Side note:  A preconceived notion I had before starting at Wellspring was that these girls who are victims of exploitation are sweet little girls who have been taken advantage of.  While that is partly true, they are also teenagers who have been used over and over again.  This definitely causes trust issues, anger, resentment, frustration, fear....I could go on.

So there were days I met with this particular girl and she walked out of therapy slamming the door, days where she cussed, not at me but to me about how unfair her whole life is, days where she refused to stay in session and she went and laid on the couch, days where she refused to talk and just stared at me, days where she said she didn't care about anyone or anything but get what I'm saying.  In this girl's defense, she had a right to be upset, angry, and resentful.  You know what else this girl had though was determination, strength, and a mighty severe reverence for the Lord.  And you know what changed all of the above mentioned negative stuff was the Lord, the real change agent at work in these girls lives.  It really never ceases to amaze me what kind of turn around can come in their hearts, and I get to witness that.  I witnessed it today as that beautiful young woman stood up to give her speech and thanked all those around her who were there for her, but mostly thanked the Lord for his provision in her life.  Who am I that I got to be a part of this girls life and share in that experience.  It really is just super humbling.  The end.    

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  1. I love this touching post. I can imagine your pride in seeing this girl do so well and graduate from high school and the program after many hard months of work with her. Must feel so wonderful. Congrats to you both!