Monday, April 9, 2012

too good

So I really have the best friends ever, who are supportive, precious, and loving.  Two such amazing friends wrote to me last night (whilst I was trying to finish writing a pesky paper) and I just wanted to highlight them.

From my dearest blond liz; good luck; you are awesome and will dominate and are sooooo close to finishing its not even funny!! and jesus rose today so there is LIFE and he will provide ALL that is needed for this paper ! you are his daughter who he wants to help and you are soo good and smart and pretty and kind and have a great heart!!!! and jeezy will do great things through you!! MOTIVATION!!!! KICK IT!!!!

From my sweet lil pep; I think you just have to recognize that this is the reality of where you're at. It's normal and to be expected. You know that you're ALMOST there and these last few papers don't matter THAT much in the big scheme of things so it would be easy to blow them off. But that being also know that you just have to get them done. In whatever fashion you can. Allow yourself to walk away and play...but just get it done.

My professor talked today about grieving the loss of connections and friendships with the forthcoming graduation;  well I don't want to grieve or say goodbye, this just a continuation in a different way of relating.  I'll be done with school, and just have to be willing to make the effort to spend time with these people who I have adventured with for the last 2 years.

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