Wednesday, April 27, 2011

morning ritual

This will be short because alas I have an exam in 3 hours...and what have I decided to do?? Blog, that's right.

So Georgia and I have decided that we like morning walks. She likes them because she is a dog, likes almost everything, and especially walks. I like them because they are a pretty easy way of waking myself up in the morning and energy giving. It's also really pretty out around 7-9am when we go. We went on an Easter morning walk at 7am and it was great! Beautiful morning and felt great outside. So all that to say I've been enjoying them tremendously and I took a pic from our walk this morning (even though it was cloudy) and I just wanted to post!

*Also, I have had this song in my head all day and its all because of ELW and her post about finals and I just listen to it over and over again...good stufff!!!

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