Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Sad day

So this will be a relatively short post because I am running short on time and because I don't really have that much to say, other than what I'm going to. So Sele (my baby from COL) was moved to another home today that is close but a few towns away from Usa. I found out yesterday because another volunteer who is there, Kezia, sent me a message saying that he was going to be moved and she just wanted to give me the update. She included 2 pictures of him recently and said that once he was settled, she and another volunteer were going to go and check on him and take some pictures. I read on the website that he left because his uncle could not care for him and wanted for him to be moved to the Happy Watoto Home. I looked it up and they seem to have a nice place and all but I just think he is too young to already be moved to an older kids home. The whole thing is just frustrating and sad to me, because the website also said that he was very sad leaving Cradle and that it was not an easy transition. It's just beyond any control of mine obviously but it's just not a good thing to have children being moved around like that. It doesn't create any sort of stable environment or attachment to people. Or if they were created, then now they are just taken away from him and he has no idea why. You can't explain any of this to a 2 year old. So what can I do about it, really nothing except pray about it. I know that God is taking care of this sweet boy better than I ever could and I just hold onto that promise. We will meet again though, I will make sure of that. It just hurts, plain and simple.
*A picture from our last day together

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