Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Thanks in everything?

So it would seem/absolutely be the case that I am sick again. One might suppose that would make me groan and complain (and maybe I actually have haha) but I was re-reading the verses about giving God thanks in EVERY circumstance and I was thinking that I need to put that into practice at this moment. Don't get me wrong, I'm not happy that I am sick but I am aware enough of my body that it is telling me that I haven't been taking care of it and i need to slow down. Now, in the life a One more week left of the semester grad student that isn't an option so I am resigned to the fact that, yes I may be sick for the next week while I focus more on material and content than I do my life or body. I'm certainly hoping that I am not sick for the next week, and if i had my way I would get a killer night of rest tonight and be better by morning...but in the case that that doesn't happen, I am giving thanks to the one that made me, even for my sickness as a means of which it's showing me what's up.

One of my professors was talking the other day about how he got to be where he was and mentioned that he had always prayed to God that he would be wise and strong and able to do things with Christ of course, but that he never prayed for the trials to learn strength or the valleys to gain wisdom. I think that is so true, that we can't get the greater qualities at no cost or molding/pruning of ourselves. So my prayer has changed from asking God simply for the after affects of those instances.

For now though, chicken soup has amazing healing powers!


  1. Oh, I'm sorry you're sick! Chick-fil-A chicken soup is magical :)

  2. Thanks Adair! and yes it is truly amazing!

  3. Sad you are sick! Feel better! You're right... we should give God our best worship no matter what the circumstances because He is good and He is worthy!
    Miss you!