Friday, January 20, 2012

deja vu

Can we just pretend that this is January 19th and that already I have not missed a Thursday post?  Ok great...moving right along then.  I will just say that I might should go ahead and come up with some catchy phrase for Fridays because, well, Thursdays are LONG days for me.  Not only hours long, but emotionally, mentally, physically draining days.  I spend all day at Wellspring (love) and I have started leading groups on Thursdays for 2 hours which is scary and crazy all at the same time.  Me in charge of 8 outrageous teen girls?  phew!  Anyhow, post Wellspring I get to drive an hour up to our school counseling center and see clients there as well.  I also had a new client last night so needless to say I got home well after being gone for 14 hours and a wardrobe change.

Back to what I am thankful for...Let me just say initially that I have a hard time choosing just one thing.  I am thankful specifically for friends who are willing to carry each other's burdens.  I love this idea in theory and actually love being that person for others but when it comes to letting other people do it for me...well not such an easy thing.  I have had some conversations in the last few days that have been really life giving and for lack of better word special.  Specifically I had a friend who really encouraged me about being so busy and frantic at times this semester and relying on the fact that God is constant, stable, and unfazed by anything that is going on in my life.  The process of leaning on that more is definitely a learning process because I like to 'do' things on my own, and yet it is a comfort and freeing at the same time.  It reminds me of something my professor told the class about how parents need to deal with teens.  He said that teens will thrash and fight, but parents have to be constant and stable and a secure base for their kids because having them both thrash around is not going to work out well.  So yes I am saying that I am like a teen and God is my parent.  There.  So today (and everyday) I am thankful for the life giving, burden bearing friends who are just awesome.


  1. Love your heart! Thanksgiving is inherent to a true salvation experience! Thanksgiving is necessary to live the well, whole, fullest life.”
    -One Thousand Gifts by Ann Voskamp

  2. I am thankful for life-giving, burden-bearing friends as well. ;) Love this and you, lady.