Thursday, January 12, 2012

thankful thursday

Here I week into my thankful thursday challenge (with myself) and I have 20minutes left to write this post.  I don't even know what I am thankful for today (in fact, I could name a bajillion things...that is a lot of things in case that wasn't clear).

So today I am thankful for two very specific things and they both relate to counseling.  I have Wellspring on Thursdays as well as our Hope center so it is a day FULL of counseling!  So in being honest, I am thankful for the fact that my clients at Hope rescheduled their appts and that I had the chance to babysit and make money tonight.  Second, I am thankful for this simple sentence spoken by one of the girls today...she said "ms. kimbo, can you be my therapist?" They have decided to call me kimbo, which I don't mind and it is funny because my stepmom calls me that.  But it is a girl who I haven't had all that much interaction with and honestly wasn't even sure if she knew my name for quite some time, but she in fact does.  It was nice to hear a place like that where sometimes (read often) there isn't all that much progress that is visible.  Not that it was specifically "progress" in therapeutic terms, but self doubt can rear its ugly little head at times and this was one of those and it was like God spoke to me through her and it was just nice.

So I am thankful for that...and oh so much more.

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  1. KIMBO!!! (that's what Paul likes to call you too) not sure if there is something to be said for that! Love your Thankful heart!