Sunday, January 9, 2011

'snowpocalypse 2011'

I obviously use that term very loosely, and mostly to the point of a great joke that I heard earlier today. Not to their credit at all, but the weather people guessed correctly this time.

So...SNOW! Just the word makes me happy, I can't help but feel like a kid when it snows. Likely because I'm from a place that does not do it, but I still think it's just great. I'm glad that I don't live where it's snowy every year because I think it would just become ordinary. Who knows though. I was outside and just listening to it snow and it was so quiet, and before anything was tainted by footprints or melting. It was just fluffy and perfect...white as snow. I could go the obvious route and use the metaphors for snow, and everything being white and clean, but I won't (though I totally agree with them lol). Maybe I will just put one lil snippet of a metaphor in here. The thought has been on my mind lately of what a hard time people have believing that they can be forgiven of things that they have done (myself included). Insert snow here. One minute, everything is a ugly mess (and that is especially true of our backyard before the snow!!) The next minute it is completely covered, blanketed in white, with little to no resemblance to its prior state. Coupled with the night snow and the eerie quiet of it falling. Just saying, it seems pretty obvious to me! I would say funny that I had been thinking about that and then it snows, but I'm too smart for that!

This is going another direction but I have been having dreams again recently. They mean something but I'm not sure what yet. The characters are all in place and but it doesn't seem like answer time. I'm working on being patient about that too. Maybe with everything being anew outside, I will get some answers :)

I don't have school tomorrow, it was cancelled on the first day back in 4 weeks. Not that I'm sad about it or anything, but it's essentially prolonging the inevitable. But alas, I will ENJOY the snow and every little bit of the time that I have off tomorrow! Bring on the boots, hats, gloves, snow angels, sledding, snowmen, snow balls, and runny noses! Here are some pics from tonight!

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